Macro Gal

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Hello there! I'm Cali, the Macro Gal. I'm here to provide you with the knowledge and tools to help you reach your fitness goals and create a healthy balanced lifestyle through macro counting.

Let me tell you what I offer:

  • Information/description of flexible dieting/IIFYM and macro counting
  • Personalized MACRO COUNT to best fits your goals
  • Over 13 years experience as a personal trainer
  • My passion is helping others create a balanced healthy lifestyle
  • I've helped over 2,500 clients
  • Email me at with any questions you have
  • Follow me on Instagram: @macro_gal 

A little about me and my background- 

I'm a wife and a mother of 3 darling girls. I've had the privilege of being a stay at home mom and love every minute of it! My fitness journey started way back when I competed in my first figure competition in 2005 and I was hooked but not in the way you'd think.  Not to competing but to the lifestyle of being fit and healthy. Shortly after, I started teaching group fitness at my local gym and loved every second. I had many women wanting one on one training so I then became a personal trainer and have been helping clients for over 10 years. I love helping people build a better lifestyle. Through the process however I found that my clients weren't getting the results they wanted and that's what lead me to dive into the nutrition aspect. I truly believe that you can workout until you're blue in the face but if you're not eating the right portions and food then you won't get anywhere. I used to put my clients on very strict clean eating diets and some would do great but most failed. Diets don't work! I couldn't even do it. I was caught in a binge cycle for years trying to eat clean. It would last 3-4 days of 100% clean then the monster would wake up and I'd eat anything and everything I could get my hands on. It was AWFUL!!! I seriously thought I'd live like that forever. It wasn't until I heard of flexible dieting that I finally got a hold of myself. It has forever changed my life and I now know what true balance and freedom is. I am not a nutritionist but I can offer my experiences and what's worked for me and my clients.