Personalized Macro Count & Guide


Personalized Macro Count & Guide

Are you wondering where your MACROS should be set to reach your specific goals? Everyone is different so making sure to follow the right macro count is key to your success. I will calculate your macros depending on what your stats, activity level and specific goals are. Following your macros will help transform your body composition beyond what losing weight can do. I'd love to calculate your macros to maximize your results in minimal time. Let's get started! 


      • Explanation of how flexible dieting/IIFYM works
      • Personalized macronutrient count
      • 1 sample meal plan with your specific macros
      • Recipe/meal ideas (10)
      • Macronutrient LIST of all protein, fat and carbs
      • Included FREE: 14 DAY SHRED meal plan ($14 value)
      • NOW WHAT? Once purchased, you will immediately receive my questionnaire to fill out and return. Once I receive your completed questionnaire, I will send your FREE 14 Day SHRED and get started on your personalized macro count. 

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