Cali's Lean & Fit Guide


Cali's Lean & Fit Guide

Looking to get LEAN & FIT? Let me calculate your macros to help you achieve your specific goals. This guide is NOT a 'one size fits all.' Depending on what your stats, activity level and goals are, will determine your macro count. It's amazing what can happen when you fuel your body properly. 


    • Personalized MACRO COUNT to help you reach your goals
    • Explanation of how flexible dieting/IIFYM works
    • Sample Meal plan that fits your specific macros
    • Macronutrient list of all protein, fats and carbs
    • MY WORKOUTS to accelerate your results  
    • 10 macro friendly recipes to keep you on track
    • Included FREE: 14 DAY SHRED ($10 value)
    • NOW WHAT? Once purchased, you will immediately receive my questionnaire to fill out and return. Once I receive your completed questionnaire, I will send your FREE 14 Day SHRED. This meal plan is 100% optional and is not requirement to succeed. 

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